That’s why no athlete should eat, live, train and wear like the others.

116 $ bln


US sales of sportswear will total almost $116 billion this year, up 7% year over year.

Apparel will account for $79 billion of that total and footwear for $37 billion.

* Source: Euromonitor International 2017

* TAM SAM SOM for EU-IT Market yet to be calculated


We see a convergence in different trends and emerging needs, born in the 2018 apparel market.

Aesthetics and Athletics

Athleisure is influencing traditional fashion categories such as denim and formalwear

DNA goes mainstream

Reporting and gene analysis is consumer available and widely accepted

The Rising of Segments of One

People are looking for extreme customization and personalization

We are Delta is the leading athletic and performance apparel company powered by your genetic profile.

We are the first fashion-genetics athleisure brand on the market.

Show the world what you are made for.

We Are Delta mission is to achieve a truly differentiation with a rare and unique secret ingredient… You.

We envision a world where technical gear, lifestyle, sports and essence can truly reflect what we are, where extreme customization and personalization are not empty words, but a reality.



We Are Delta is a private initiative. No legal entity is defined and ala the services, products and activities provided by this brand is actually delivered to the intended consumers by individuals and partners according and in respect of all legal laws and privacy laws in EU.

This website, including e-commerce, blog and social channels are for concept validation and teasing only and no direct commercial transactions are delivered on these medias at the moment.

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